Prints of Her Lipstick

I don’t know where to begin
It feels like it never ends
She says that she’s into drugs
And I think that I’m in love

It’s the way she moves her hips
And what she does with lips
Each time she blows me a kiss
It leaves some prints of her lipstick

I don’t know where to begin

Imaginary Friends

Ooh that girl is fine and she knows
What’s always on a man’s mind
But I don’t care where she’s been
Or with whom she’s been
After all, we are just imaginary friends
For as long as we pretend

But I wish I were more than just an option to you, girl
And I wish I had known to use caution with you, girl

A serpent’s word was clearly heard and set to disturb
This course that has occurred

But even if you were the first to commit sin, girl
All that occurs is a result of what’s been, girl

And I will be your guilty pleasure
And you could be my forbidden treasure
And you could be mine


The morning dew forms on every blade of grass
The day is new, another season has passed

Passing through changeable states of being
How can you believe anything you’re seeing?

The sky is blue, you fill my world with color
The wind is cool, you make me feel like no other